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Need some help with one-handed cfg


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So for this cfg, I have a few problems. First of all, the MOUSE3 jump button doesn't work. I don't know if this has to do with the "resetmouse" vstr or something else. Then for some reason, MOUSE3 becomes crouch. Also, I can't access the vstr "M3menu1".

If someone can take a look at it and edit, that would be great. :D



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I did test it and the jump via mouse3 works perfectly fine. As far as i know there is no "crouch" command in Enemy Territory (unless its a specific mod command) but its called "+movedown". You access the "M3menu1" by moving the mousewheel up once. By doing it once more you get the "chatmenu".

Could it be that this is just a fragment of the actual config? Because the whole "1M_toggle_a" segment is not referenced in the config at all.


This is the config that is working for me.


Happy *in'


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Here is a test I made,

mouse 1 shoots

mouse2 forward, but if you are shooting it strafes left-right

mouse3 jump

wheelup switches to main weapon + reloads + open doors

wheeldown cycle through all weapons




seta cg_weaponcycledelay "0"
seta cg_autoreload "1"

// mouse1 shoots
set attack_on "+attack; vstr mouse2_attack"
set attack_off "-attack;-forward;-moveleft;-moveright; vstr mouse2_normal "
bind MOUSE1 "+vstr attack_on attack_off"

// mouse2, runs forward, or strafes left-right if you are shooting
set strafe_on "-forward;+moveleft;wait 20;-moveleft;+moveright;wait 20;-moveright"
set strafe_off "-forward;-moveleft;-moveright"

set mouse2_normal "bind MOUSE2 "+forward" "
set mouse2_attack "bind MOUSE2 "+vstr strafe_on strafe_off" "
vstr mouse2_normal

// mouse wheel up: multifunction, select main gun + reload + open doors
bind MWHEELUP "weaponbank 3; +reload; +activate; wait 10;-activate;-reload"

// mouse wheel down: cycles all weapons
bind MWHEELDOWN "weapnext"

// jump
bind MOUSE3 "+moveup"



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