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White flashes / blinks while in-game..


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I've heard this is a fairly common problem, but couldn't find anyone asking or mentioning it here so I thought I'd make a new thread..


Does anyone know what causes this? Apparently it's prone on Windows 7 more than anything else.. But I have no idea what it is - it started hapening the other day.. I updated graphics drivers etc and it's still the same..


Windows 7 x64

ET 2.6b (set to run as admin)

NVIDIA Graphics (Geforce GT 420M)


It's not a display problem because it only happens in-game on ET.. Anyone had this / know a solution?


Thanks people :)


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Hmm, thought it was just me, but I experienced this once or twice in the past couple of days on the silent servers. I'm using Win7 64bit.

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It seemed to have started on silent for me (reported it on MGT Silent Mod tracker) but now it's just when I play on all servers..


NVIDIA have had issues with white flashes but this started randomly out of nowhere (no automatic driver updates or anything) - so I updated drivers to the latest, and it persists..

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