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F|A Hardcore Problem?


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When i try to connect to F|A HArdcore, It gives me this ui.mp.x86.dll pure server check thing. And i cant connect. (Im on a guest account and not administrator, and i cant run as an admin) But Before this just happened its been working perfectly fine without any errors or lagg or anything. I just decided to go on today and it gave me this error. Any Solutions?

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back up your etkey and uninstall ET (Yes do it again even if you have already), download et here http://iron.pp.fi/pelit/ET/WolfET.exe install it. download 2.6 first here http://iron.pp.fi/pe..._Patch_2_60.exe


then go here http://iron.pp.fi/pe...ritory%202.60b/ download both and yes ->Replace<- the old ET.exe and ETDED.exe


then try entering hardcore


*edit* make sure you backup important files in your etmain before uninstalling, like your cfg, and some other things


that should fix your problem i had the same problem and it fixed mine.

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