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Program video ?


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Fraps is usually a popular choice, but the free version has a cap at 30 secs+watermark so you would have to buy the full version, which I think is around 30 dollars?

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I believe I used CamStudio - one or two issues with sound capture that can happen for some people (realtech HD audio seemed to be the clashing driver) but I was overall impressed. :)

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just for the record


a great free alternative is msi afterburner : also used to overclock you graphics but you don't need that(I'm considering to switch from fraps to msi afterburner => less fps drop)


download link: http://event.msi.com...er/download.htm => use the beta one that one captures sound


ps. you don't need necessary a msi graphics, I got a sapphire one and it works fine



how to use:



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