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Ok the Dumbass trucker needs help! I know the IP has changed but I am not getting many servers popping up when I refresh all, Not sure on how to open the console to add the new Ip. I thought it was the ~ key but not sure or where i need to be to use that key!! UGH only had a while to play.. will check back tomorrow to see if anyone has any ideas// Thanks






Why am I only getting a few servers? only 22 pop up and I dont think I changed anything :{

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ok relax...its easy. open console on the main page..you know like when you open the multi player game... then type /connect and then copy and paste the new ip. if you need someone to walk you through it im on xfire. hit me up.


Also the 22 server thing happened to me, i had to refresh list like 20 times before the new hc server popped up.

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You got it right, to use console on COD: press ~ key.


For full screen console Hold SHIFT and press ~ key.


Then as speedfact said, /connect


If you use XFire, you can simply add this IP to XFire, and double click the server each time you wish to play :)

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