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F|A is looking to expand our members in Battle Field 2. We are Looking for new members to join us in our new BF2 server. The server is running currently in Co-Op mode with 20 bots. This is only temporary untile we get some traffice there and we will go to standard ranked mode. this is a new venture for F|A and we are looking for everything form occasional players up to server admins. If you or anyone you know is interested please feel free to visit the server. Contact me on Xfire "warmongrell77" or PM me.


for those who have never played you dont know what your missing. The game is only 10 bucks US and is no doubt well worth the lute.


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Its been sitting on my desk for a week, since my p.o.s. onboard card cant handle anything more detailed than minesweeper. Ill be playin once i get a new video card.

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i have battlefield 2,

but everytime that i look at server =F|A= at bf2 there is no 1..


This is exactly why "WE WANT YOU! to play on the server to try to bring people in. So far we haven't been having any luck. I am on the server every day camping, trying to populate the server.


Again any F|A admin with BF2 please come play on the server, at least camp the server when you are afk. The server is set so you can be afk and not get kicked. and remember


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Warmongel to play what do we need to do?


Buy the game and login!


Can you let me know EXACTLY what to do without holding my hand. LOL



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