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ET freeze and disconnect...


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Strange error message? Started to get this one in few weeks back, some days at start only one time, now every day several times <_>



ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 20 22.15.gif

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maybe remove your pak0.pk3 and download this one:




maybe it works than


Back up your etkey and config files, uninstall and open the directory where et was installed...if there is that "pak0.pk3" file in etmain, delete it and do a reinstall...maybe it will help

If not, try deleting the whole directory (after uninstall) and reinstall the whole game (you'll have to download all the maps and mods again but...maybe it will help, so it's worth it )


I also found some info on google about this problem:


If you ever have a Problem with Message like This in ET:


101707 files in pk3 files

recursive error 'Couldn't reopen D:\Spiele\Ballern\ET\etmain\pak0.pk3' after: Game code(ui_mp_x86.dll) failed Pure Server check


(insert your own gamepath for D:\Spiele\Ballern Wink


Story of the Problem and how it shows up:

You join a Gameserver. Joining Screen is shown, you see the Map is loading, Map is loaded and you see the first Screen of the Game: AND THATS IT, the Message above comes up! Oups!


From Old School RTCW known Solution was:

to Copy the ui_mp_x86.dll from .../ET/etmain to .../ET Folder

Copy, not move


That does not run for me so i had a little help from a Friend.

He said, that some Files from the Maps *pk3 in etmain are the Problem, because some Custom Maps seem to be not compatble with the other and ET get s an Problem.


My Solution was:

Delete all Custom *.pk3 Files and if you dont know what or too much to select, delete all *.pk3 and reinstall the Game back into same Folder (including Patch 1.02). So you dont loose your old Configs and so on...


And it will run again. Then you have to download/reinstall some maps, but maybe not bad... because we dont play all of these 1.000 Maps and get some clear Folders again



Hope it helps so you'll be able to frag me again soon ^^

And of course, merry X-mas!





Want say thanks to you guys i fixed that after 2 days


now i can play normal...


i reinstall ET but before that i deleted those files which u said (with 1kb,2kb...)


Thanks again for help and see ya around "

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Problem solved :) cleaned all extra .pk3 files from nq directory. Dl files when connected and no probs any more :)


Thx for help.



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Problem solved :) cleaned all extra .pk3 files from nq directory. Dl files when connected and no probs any more :)


Thx for help.




Couple of clans copied our pk3 and half of them didn't got it right or few just release broken stuff.. Prime example was WOOD clan. Every few months they release broken stuff.. last time I checked was when they released pk3 which disables your back button or any button.. so u click anything.. and u join there server lol


I would suggest to run pk3 cleaner once :P



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