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Hello guys!


I wonder if it is possible to change the place of that point where a spectator spawn when: leaves a team, join the game etc. On Siwa oasis spectators spawn near the old city, if I want to play on that map and hear they are already planting dynos after 2 minutes no matter how fast I go I can't get to the AT guns in time, they leave and I never know who was it, who to keep an eye on.


So I would suggest to put that point near the AT guns, so when join to specs we see the rusher, easier to put him to spec before he plants at the 2. AT gun and totally rush the map. Its just an idea, if it's hard or impossible to edit that point dont mind it, it would just be easier for admins :P


It is on jay3 but if oasis runs on other servers it could be replaced there as well.



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Thanks that would be nice :)


Also there is some changes on jay3 I just recognised. There are banners at the top of the screen, spawn time is now 8 seconds, but one thing I don't know if it on purpose is that PMs are disabled. Its okay to stop recruiters but even admins cant contact and as far as I know there isnt admin chat on jaymods. Shall I report it on tracker or its disabled on purpose?

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What does !antirush do? prevent that players can end the map before a certain time mark

Also, I think that the PMs are purposely disabled. If you have lvl 13+ you can turn it on and off.yes, to much abuse

Correct me if I'm wrong please.


!antirush reported on traker

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