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New to the community, but old to ET

US Navy Sailor

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I am a former full-time multi-server admin - wolf/ET addict. I stopped playing in 2004 and disbanded my clan ( [3k] ) and closed my servers.

I started playing again part time in 2008 or 2009 and stopped again to enter basic training for the US Navy.


I now work as a public affairs specialist in the Navy and I am assigned to an aircraft carrier. Its an awesome job. Recently I had the opportunity to do a special job for the Navy. They wanted me to participate in a multi-national war games exercise on board a US Destroyer. The only requirement was that I furnish my own laptop capable of running the entire Adobe Creative suite. I had to go out and purchase a high powered machine for that... and after i got it home i wondered if it would run ET... and it did...


So...I have returned to ET with my laptop and mini-mouse. I dont get to play often or for long periods of time. I am not very good anymore, but I used to be a pretty good shot. My skill was never with the actual 1v1 gun duel, but more with the cerebral aspects of the game (knowing when to use smoke or just where to place arty... or how to use strategy to help a weaker team). Now i just play to see the maps... to return to places i remember from years ago. I play to take short breaks from being a Sailor and and father and a husband.


I am not the best person to have on your team, but i never mess around and waste time. I try to win every round. I get frustrated about team balance, but i never cry about spawn killing or map rushing or trick jumping or aimbots or any of the other stuff people whine about.


Back in my good days, with my high dollar graphics card and my super gaming mouse, i used to run a k/d ratio of about 2.5-3. now its about .825 on your servers. but i still have a good time, so i guess thats really all that matters.


I play under a few different names, but i am easily reckognizable because of my playing style...







See you all on the server.





an example of what i do for a living.... it took this photo with a Nikon D3S and a 24-70mm DX lens.



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Thanks for serving that nation!


Welcome to our forums! We have couple of members from US navy and army! I think we should make a list of all such members.



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Hey played with you on the server yesterday, hope to see ya again, thank you for stopping by and thank you for you great service.

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