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Hey im BlackShadow Aka Toni, im from Finland im 21 years old, i got calm attidute and dont give a shit if someone is telling me BnB sucks (which happens alot) Been playing ET about 6 years and been at BnB for about 5 years now.

i have my Trickjump server running at 2.55 Tjmod 1.6.3 version. started playing at your server like a week ago..?

good server to be honest. skilled players you got here.


I love FPS and RTS games like ET, Black Ops, every Command and Conquer games they put out (expect C&C4 which was horrible) and RPG Elder scroll games (god, i cant wait for Skyrim)


been doing 3D modelling about 5 years now, ive done lots of props for mappers in different games including ET, Killing floor and few other.

anyone happen to need any models for there maps or anything else, id be happy to do it.

well thats pretty much everything.


oh chocolate chips cookies god i love them.


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Welcome to the Forums... You know there are so many players from Finland that play the COD games, and other first person shooter games. I find a lot of talented players from Finland. Any reason why so many? I assume you have harsh winters there so people stay inside. I have seen players from Finland play on American servers and have a high ping, but still kick butt. Welcome to the Forums.

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Welcome to the =F|A= forums and servers :)

i lawv choc chip cookies too!! we hv so much in common xD

unfortuantely i dont play ET, so i wont really see u in game :/

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