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Tour de France!


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Yesss! I watch it everyday. Since I'm from belgium I support Omegha Pharma-Lotto. Philippe Gilbert :yeye:1:


Jelle Vanendert was close to victory yesterday :cry and too bad Jurgen Vandenbrouck fell and had to leave, damn crashes, too many riders in the race

and too bad Gesink fell man, otherwise he would be with the best for sure! Plus I just heard Lars Boom quit, too bad, I like him, been watching him since he did cyclocross.


And poor Hoogerland, they should send that car driver to jail!


(yes, I can go on for hours :P)

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It was impressive that he managed to finish the race.


Im just sad Vino couldnt finish this tour, <3 Vino!



Contador was very bad yesterday, he doesnt look strong atm, Giro/crashes/clenbuterol-case, it's just too much for him.


Schlecks, Evans, Basso? Dont know yet..



Btw, that was a impressive victory of Hushovd today!

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Hi again!

Very impressive what Hushovd did today, didn't think he would survive the Aubisque.

I'm from Holland so I obviously support Gesink and Hoogerland. very unfortunate that they're not doing well now :(.

Hoogerland is a hero in holland right now though. B)


Yea it sucks that so many good riders had to give up. Vino, Vdbroeck, Wiggins, Brajkovic, Horner and Boonen ofc. And still Belgium has a lot of great riders left.


The tour doesn't wait. Tomorrow there will be another very hard etappe. Let's see if Voeckler can still keep up with the best.

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I usually am for the Dutch (obviously), but they aren't that good this year. And the Rabobank or Vacant Soleil isn't either...



Anyway, that leaves anyone who isn't for mass sprints. I hate mass sprints, better watch the ones who take a challenge to climb a mountain alone. Today was a very interesting day :)

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He was awesome, he is really good this tour.

Rofl, Voeckler still in yellow, he was doing very well today. Lets see how long he can keep up with the Schlecks, Evans, Basso and Contador.

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Amazing what Jelle Vanendert did today! This time Sanchez couldn't keep up! Did you guys notice that ''Go Go Jelle'' was written on the street when he attacked? :lol:

Voeckler is incredible right now. If he keeps climbing like this he can win the tour.


I think the schlecks let their teammates down today, they should've attacked imo.


And another dutch rider laurens ten dam fell today. i hope he can recover

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And another dutch rider laurens ten dam fell today. i hope he can recover


Yeah, me too, I never heard of him till I saw the Tour de Suisse/ Round of Switzerland this year, and I loved him immediatly :wub: I love the way he rides his bike uphill, it has something special, what a style!

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