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Ok here is the problem. I purchased a new computer a few months back and now the graphics on my ET are all crazy. Things like when there is water present it shows up in all black, the entire area of water is black. Sometimes the caves in certain maps show up with crazy patterns on the walls, not the colors and such that should be there. Anyone have any ideas that would be appreciated. I do understand that it is probably because I have integrated graphics (ati radeon 3000) but anything to get it to run better will help. thank you.

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integrated graphics are not the best for gaming, anyway try to uninstall graphic driver




Uninstall drivers -> restart your PC

then go here, download and install latest drivers: Integrated ATI Radeo HD 3000 Graphics Series Drivers -> restart again


and try now

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Can you show us some screenshots of problem areas? It might help if we learn that it's only shaders that have issues or something. At this point I agree that you should see if it's a driver problem.



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