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  1. Happy Birthday pkrgod!

  2. thanks guys. just a quick run down of what happened. Her bowels burst and she became septic. Her blood stream was a running infection (e-coli). The e-coli attacked her heart and she had a massive heart attack the day after entering the hospital. she has recovered from both of those problems but another problem arose from before she was in the hospital and that is preventing her from coming home as of right now. She is a tiny woman (5'1" and about 86 lbs). But she is a fighter as are most Italian women that I know. I want to again thank everyone for keeping her in there prayers and for the kind words you guys have had for me. Sometimes an online family can be just as supportive as a real life family and you guys have been.
  3. If anyone needs a mortgage broker for any reason let me know. I have a very close personal friend who is a mortgage broker and can get things done in any state. Let me know and I will put you in contact with him and you guys can take it from there. Contact me at tmbstne1970@yahoo.com for any further information.
  4. Well mom has been in the hospital 9 weeks now. Things are starting to get better and she should be coming home soon, just not sure how soon that is. I will be back on when things start to calm down a little bit around the house.
  5. pkrgod

    rough time

    Things are looking up for mom.She is starting the long process to recovery. Thanks to everyone who has wished her luck I do appreciate it very much.
  6. pkrgod

    rough time

    I would like to apologize for not being around much lately. My mother has taken ill and has been in the hospital for a little while now. She was "hour to hour" according to the doctor a few weeks ago but is now being moved to a rehab center till she gets strong enough to come home. Things are looking alot better now but it was very rough and extremely exhausting mentally for me and my sister over the last several weeks. Once again I apologize for not being around but I hope you all can understand. Doug
  7. pkrgod


    got the packing out today and it feels so much better. just a little sore like i had a sinus infection but thats about all. will be glad when it is all gone.
  8. pkrgod


    thanks guys. its just more uncomfortable than anything else to be honest.
  9. pkrgod


    So just had surgery on Friday to repair a deviated septum in my nose. Not a whole lot of pain thankfully but OMFG the discomfort. I have packing in both nostrils and its killing me. Cant wait till Monday morning to get it out.
  10. @CSL no not in Vegas, im in Florida. broward county to be exact. I played in the WSOP in 2010 didnt make the money but made a nice showing in the tourney i played.
  11. I will let you know when I go to play in a tourney then you can wish me good cards lol. But thanks Joker
  12. It's gonna be a long month for me at work. I deal poker for a living and we have a month full of big tournaments. Wish me luck so that I don't pull my hair out by the end of the month lol.
  13. I dont listen to one type of music so it all depends on my mood. I have everything on my computer/mp3 player.
  14. I thought about yellow, but decided that all black had a more "muscle" look to it.
  15. pkrgod

    Bye F|A

    Later fang, hope everything in real life works itself out for you.

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