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My Friend asked me


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My friend asked me to post this (Yes, my friend, I'm not him)


Before you read: I'm sorry for him, he's very imature.


[15:25] bebit: UNBAN ME

[15:25] bebit: WHEN I'M BORED

[15:25] bebit: I TALKSHIT

[15:25] bebit: ON FORUMS

[15:25] bebit: OMGOMGOMGOMG

[15:30] =F|A=Antichrist: Grow up when you f***ing talk to me. I don't translate "retard" into english.

[15:35] bebit: By grow up do you mean 'learn english'?

[15:35] bebit: because that's 2 different things

[15:36] =F|A=Antichrist: By grow up I mean f***ing grow up.

[15:36] =F|A=Antichrist: You act like a f***ing a**h****.

[15:37] bebit: I really don't see why

[15:37] bebit: I wanted a unban, you guys don't unban me... this doesn't make sens

[15:37] bebit: then you guys call me imature

[15:38] =F|A=Antichrist: Because your unban request is impossible to take seriously. That's why.

[15:41] bebit: okay

[15:41] bebit: I'll be serious here

[15:41] bebit: I got banned at the end of bremen

[15:41] bebit: for tking

[15:41] bebit: when I didn't

[15:41] bebit: and I don't want to post on your forums and blablabla

[15:41] bebit: because I know you can simply !listbans

[15:41] bebit: get my name

[15:42] bebit: and !unban #

[15:43] =F|A=Antichrist: You're absolutely right. I can do that.

[15:43] bebit: Exacly

[15:43] =F|A=Antichrist: Will I? Absoluterly not.

[15:43] bebit: why won't you do it?

[15:43] bebit: remember, we said we would be serious here

[15:43] bebit: the ban was obviously wrong.

[15:44] =F|A=Antichrist: You have no respect for our servers, our procedures, rules, and our admins.

[15:45] bebit: Oh, I didn't read anywhere on the rules to play on your server that I had to respect your procedures, I'm really sorry, so that's the real reason of my ban? Where does it state that to play in the server, you must respect 'the procedures'

[15:45] bebit: And How by playing on your server can I 'not-respect' your procedure.

[15:46] =F|A=Antichrist: You're currently trying to ask me unban you. Meaning you have no respect for our procedure of appealing a ban on the forum.

[15:46] bebit: that procedure takes a good 30 mins

[15:47] bebit: be honest with me man, it's long, and boring and kinda reminds me of my job, filling papers during 30 mins to get a 5 sec job done

[15:47] bebit: What kind of job do you have?

[15:47] bebit: just wondering

[15:48] =F|A=Antichrist: It should take you no longer then 2 minutes to post.

[15:48] =F|A=Antichrist: It's not rocket science.

[15:48] bebit: Ah cmon It takes so long

[15:49] =F|A=Antichrist: That's not my fault. Think about that next time you start shit on the server.

[15:51] bebit: http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/20069-banned-on-2161551461927960/

[15:51] bebit: Now, do YOU respect your own procedure, show me

[15:55] bebit: Am I unbanned yet?

[15:55] bebit: or will it takes

[15:55] bebit: 30 mins

[15:55] bebit: as I said it would take

[15:56] =F|A=Antichrist: HAndle it on the forum.

[16:01] bebit: what's happening

[16:01] bebit: I was in the middle of getting unbanned

[16:01] bebit: I updated my guid

[16:02] bebit: 46ed4694efa94c2f90a657b2e66abfc2

[16:02] bebit: that's my guid

[16:02] bebit: now unban me

[16:02] bebit: [15:46] bebit: that procedure takes a good 30 mins

[16:02] bebit: you have

[16:02] bebit: about 9 minutes

[16:02] bebit: before it finally takes more than 30 mins

[16:02] bebit: as I said

[16:02] =F|A=Antichrist: No the decision was made. You're now banned on the forum too. Congratulations.

[16:03] bebit: So I win

[16:03] bebit: lol

[16:03] bebit: What was it, tell me

[16:03] bebit: the mom story?

[16:03] bebit: I bet it was the mom story

[16:04] =F|A=Antichrist: No it was us banning you from our forums. That's what did it.

[16:04] bebit: For what reason, what rules did I break

[16:04] bebit: Where's the forum to appeal forum bans?

[16:05] bebit: So

[16:05] bebit: out of the 7 forums rules

[16:05] bebit: http://www.fearless-assassins.com/clanrule'>http://www.fearless-assassins.com/clanrule

[16:05] bebit: that you can find here

[16:05] bebit: in your procedure

[16:05] bebit: tell me the number of the forum rules that got me ban?

[16:05] bebit: 1. I didn't swear

[16:05] bebit: 2. I didn't post sex things

[16:05] bebit: 3. I didn't spam

[16:06] bebit: 4. I didn't advertise

[16:06] =F|A=Antichrist: You're done. Goodbye

[16:06] bebit: 5. I didn't cheat related link

[16:06] bebit: You don't follow your own rules?

[16:06] bebit: and procedure?

[16:06] =F|A=Antichrist: You were banned on the forum. That's final.

[16:06] bebit: 6. I didn't create multiple account

[16:06] bebit: 7. I didn't share an account

[16:06] bebit: those are

[16:06] bebit: the 7 rules of your forum

[16:06] bebit: so tell me njow, why did I get banned?

[16:06] bebit: What happen to the procedure

[16:07] bebit: and rules?

[16:07] bebit: Are you telling me you're not following your OWN rules, the 'rules' that you try to force uppon other aren't followed by you? can you see what's wrong?

[16:09] =F|A=Antichrist: We already followed them. You made a mockery, trolled our forum, and you are finished.

[16:09] bebit: I didn't troll at all. I was always honest in my post.

[16:09] bebit: I finally filled your needs

[16:09] bebit: I even got my guid

[16:10] bebit: I finally went all the way with your procedure, now do your part and follow yours

[16:12] =F|A=Antichrist: You f***ed it up buddy.

[16:13] bebit: Okay but tell me this: tell me what forums rules did I broke to get ban?

[16:13] bebit: http://www.fearless-assassins.com/clanrule

[16:13] bebit: Please, I only need to know

[16:14] bebit: because if I knew I couldn't do any of those things on your rules, I wouldn't have done them

[16:14] bebit: You say procedure are important, live up to them

[16:14] bebit: you have nothing agains me

[16:14] =F|A=Antichrist: trolling = ban.

[16:15] bebit: In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory[citation needed], extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community

[16:15] bebit: from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_%28Internet%29

[16:15] bebit: I wasn't trolling, do you have anything else?

[16:19] bebit: that's what I thought

[16:20] =F|A=Antichrist: The founder made his decision. Have a nice day.

[16:20] bebit: Okay so I get banned from the forums, I get that, now unban me from the ET server since If filled everything needed, it's all in the post that's still there

[16:20] bebit: [15:46] bebit: that procedure takes a good 30 mins

[16:21] bebit: we're now at 46 mins

[16:21] =F|A=Antichrist: You filed an appeal. Filing an appeal does not guarantee that you'll be unbanned.

[16:21] =F|A=Antichrist: It means you disagree with the ban.

[16:21] =F|A=Antichrist: That's all.

[16:21] =F|A=Antichrist: You provided sufficient additional evidence by your behavior that you do not belong on our server. Your ban stays.

[16:22] bebit: 'filling an appeal' Do you know what an appeal is? let me help you out here. Man I love to educate ppl: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appeal

[16:23] bebit: Yeah by my actions on the forum, I don't belong in the forums, that right

[16:23] bebit: but my actions on the server were OK for me to stay on the server, you can agree with that

[16:25] bebit: Okay honestly, what kind of low life moron, uneducated retard, missing-life form of talking stupidity are you? can't you form up one good argument agains me? can't you come up with something solide? do you know I've been winnign this argumentation since the very beginning? Come up with something man this is way to easy, it feels like you're not even trying!

[16:25] bebit: You have nothing agains me. Really

[16:25] bebit: Now disconnect or block me from xfire

[16:25] bebit: that's the only thing left you can do, and you will

[16:25] =F|A=Antichrist: No I have other options :)

[16:26] bebit: I'll be glad to hear them, what are you gonna do bigboy?

[16:27] bebit: I'm way smarter than you

[16:27] bebit: you have nothing

[16:32] bebit: What's your job

[16:32] bebit: lifting things?

[16:32] bebit: Working with your hands?

[16:32] bebit: Not working at all?

[16:33] bebit: Taking that box from there, putting it there?

[16:33] bebit: chopping things?

[16:34] bebit: Let me guess: you were REALLY good at school, but fate made you do other things than think with your brain

[16:34] bebit: LOL

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Yep, still think it banning him was a good idea (wouldn't be such a bad idea to do it to you either). Trolling our admins or our forums is not a good way to get unbanned, honestly it's probably the best way to ensure that it doesn't go away.


Also, what were you trying to accomplish by posting this here? I don't get it.


Fail troll is Fail.



Lock plz?:lock

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There's several things here from the convo:


- The fact that he didn't break any forums rules, and got banned from nothing (that comes with proof, like the trolling definition, the list of forums rules and how noone of them were broken)


- The fact that you guys don't follow your own rules, but force them on ppl


- The fact that he still doesn't get unbanned even with the right post at the right place


- The fact that the procedure to get unban is a big waste of time.


- And the final fact that you guys don't get him unbanned even if you guys have nothing agains him.


And the fact that bebit is outsmarting everyone here. you guys have nothing agains him.




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Look at his behaviour, then read daredevil's post. I don't care if he's 9 or not, he acts like a baby - arguing with mom? that mom turned out to be Anti? plz. ban stays.



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