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As some of you might have noticed I have been AFK for quite a while now..

I bought a new house last month... so I could move in with my girlfriend... and it has given me allot of work..

I simple haven't had the time to play.. I have been keeping an eye on the forums.. while at work.. but I cant reply form woks IP address :(

and at home as been a while since I turned on the computer...


Only now I post about it because Its gonna be after today that I'm gonna move into the new house.. and I haven't got internet connection yet :(

so it means I'm really gonna be off for a week or two... some of you may not even notice thee difference and some may not even miss me...


But i'm really starting to miss you guys.. :cry so its just gonna be one more week of torture until I come back full steam

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Come back soon :P I was wondering where you are lately but I knew u were moving so i was just waiting for new house photos hehe.. ;)

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