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Stupid ping


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Iv been getting 700-999 ping every time I enter a server now. This has only happened recently, I normaly get 200-250 ping. I have contacted my IPS and they said they can't do anything. There is noting running in the back ground, no anti virus ect. I don't know what to do. Im pretty sure my computer can handle et since it has been for 2 years >_>

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Doug recently fixed his lag by upgrading his RAM.


Since you never had lag before, and you do now, I'd run a memory test just to rule out the chance that a stick of RAM went bad.


If your RAM checks out, I'd run the manual PB updater: http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=pbsetup.php


Occasionally PB stops downloading automatic updates, using this tool is the way around it. I keep this on my desktop so it's always handy.

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Operating System: Microsoft XP Professional

CPU: AMD Sempron, 18000 MHz 3000+



Hard drive (IDE, PATA, SATA, etc): It can hold 76gb >_> I dont know what else to say.

Graphics card: VIA Chrome9 HC IGP (Approx. Total memory. 64MB)


Your location (country): Australia

ET Version:2.6b

Router Name (If you use any):N/A

Which anti virus and firewall you use:Avira Anti Virus and Windows Firewall


Internet speed:


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  • Clan Friend

First check it with winmtr, to rule out connection problems to the server, if that is ok, you can check some variables in game like:


cl_packetdup (try 0 or 1, imho 0, don't duplicate too much or you will have to send a lot of useless stuff to the server)

com_maxfps (don't set it too high, because a command is generated every frame, try something not above 125)

cl_maxpackets (try 30 or 100)

rate (set it to 25000 at least, possibly higher)

cl_nodelta -> 0 (must always be 0, 1 will send unpacked data to the server = bad)

snaps -> 20 (must always be 20)


try also

cg_lagometer 1, and check how it looks like, it must be green and flat in the bottom part, with no red lines, and no yellow above (just blue)



if you get ultrahigh ping only when you move, and there is a 'transparent' green thing on the lagometer, over the normal green, then it means you lag, and antiwarp prevents you from lagging, in that case there is nothing you can do, other than trying to check your connection quality, antiwarp sux and it's full of warpers everywhere but sometimes it does the job, so if you warp a lot you will get blocked by that


But check winmtr first, if you lag regardless of the game it's hard to fix it with game vars

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