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Why does everything look elongated?


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I've been playing for a while now and everything has looked "normal."


I recently patched to 2.6b to use ET Starter Pro and everything now looks...weird. The guns are longer and looking around morphs the surroundings with my screen. It's hard to describe. I'm not sure if it's supposed to look like this, but it sucks. It really strains my eyes.


If there's a fix for this, please help. :help

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Sounds to me like you've got cg_fov set higher than you are normally used to. Have you recently done anything to your config file?


You can try /set cg_fov 90 in your console and see if that looks closer to what you feel is normal.


In fact you can continue to play with it from there.. any value from 90-120 should be valid. But by your description, you'll want to go lower, so I would try 90 first.

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