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Farcry 3


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I think the game will be a flop. The subtle word loops are great the first time (Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?), but then when he does it again, I just know this is one of those games where the plot is written very haughtily, and generally very lacklustre.


Again, as far as wikipedia has told me, the protagonist is a tourist apparently, and so the old "Indiana Jones runs straight across the a militarized camp with only a gun, pistol and knife killing everyone along the way without so much as a scratch" concept is just done to hell and back.



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I don't know about the game being a flop. Far Cry is definitely a fun game because it's not the standard FPS shooter where it's linear gameplay, Far Cry is sandbox-ish, but I have some worries because of what came out of Far Cry 2. This demo makes me hope they fixed the stealth aspect in Far Cry 2, where AI would find you for no apparent reason, or after you performed a stealth kill. And I give them credit, Far Cry is also fairly good at making their messages delivered in a deeply ironic way, and this clip wasn't much different from that.


However, now the grievanes. It looks like the game is taking a more CoD approach to health. I don't see the health bar that I saw in Far Cry 2, which was a nice change, as it was always interesting after reaching below a certain health you'd have to pull various pieces of shrapnel out of your body to prevent yourself from bleeding out. I'll miss that if it is indeed CoD like. Second, like before, the AI seems to be a little too well informed of your position. It wouldn't be hard for them to change the settings so that location of a player is either known through visual contact, interaction with another enemy that knows your location, or visible gunfire. However, it seems like it's not the case, so it might be another AI fiasco like with Far Cry 2. Also, the AK model looks suspiciously like the MW2 AK with slight recoloring.


I don't know, I reserve my judgement on the game until something more concrete comes out (like the actual game), but so far the game looks like it could have moderate success.

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Waiting for reviews and such is always the best option. I think it looks alright and i'm sure they'll be changing things for the final product. Also, did you notice how many bullets the pilots gun had? lol.

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There was Far Cry which had amazing graphics with few recourses. Then came out Far Cry 2 which was boring. And the came out Crysis, which by the gameplay and graphics is follow up for Far Cry. So for me FC is dead.

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