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Admin... help pls.. ban..


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Hello all... My name is Kenny I am german so sorry for my bad english.. I played ET two years ago last time... now I am back and see.... I have a ban on ALL F|A' servers? I think i got banned two years ago because my old clan.. eaZy& some people think we was cheating but no one was using a cheat.... I play now two years ago and not anymore on rating.. I play for fun with my Girlfriend.. and I dont understand why I am still banned can someone help me pls? eQ.Impulse.. thx

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Please make a topic here: http://fearless-assa...-unban-request/


And provide the following info:


If you've been banned , please create a new thread with the following information.


- Server Name or IP.

- Name you were using at the time you were banned

- Approximate time / date of ban

- Possible reasons for your ban



If you are banned for a valid violation and find yourself banned at either PunksBusted.com or PBBans.com, your ban must be removed there before you can be unbanned here.


If either of the two above anti-cheat sites do not lift your ban, you will not be unbanned here, and GUID changing will result in an IP address ban.


Also, before your submit your protest ban topic, please submit guid in your profile. You can see here how to submit GUID in your profile:



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wtf? sorry but it was 2 years ago?! I dont know my name i think eaZy&... i dont know and IP? All servers and reason? you are banned! finish can I add you pls in xfire.. and talk 2 mins with you? pls??

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