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1.) I would like Helmsdeep for Jay 1.

Link: http://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/189-mml-helmsdeep-b4-mml-helmsdeep-b4pk3/






The Axis forces, in their desperate search for power to stop the

inevitable Allied onslaught, have been working on the ability to

travel in time.


The Allies, learning of these plans, create a force to storm and

capture the Axis laboratories where the research is being done.


Unfortunately, the Allies attack during a crucial experiment, and

the resulting fighting causes an uncontrollable surge in the

equipment, throwing everyone in the immediate area back in time!


Appearing six thousand years ago, in a history that was only

thought to be mythical, both sides now have a new battleground to

continue their war in.


Allies must defend Helms Deep, keeping safe the means of travelling

back to the modern day, while preventing Axis from dominating this

new land and altering the future completely.



Level info:




Please read the section below on patrol points to understand how

they work.


This map is in ALPHA (2) mode.

It is unfinished, but the map layout and objectives are all

hopefully as they will be in the final.


The caves are entirely new over the first playable version.

Graphically they are not very interesting, and I am a bit worried

that people will become disorientated since they all look very


Having said that, that's what the command map is for, which should

be fairly clear.


There is a list of 'things to do' further on so you can see what

else is planned.


To give me feedback, post at:









1) Transport the extra crates of dynamite to the culvert.

2) Blow the wall by planting dynamite at the culvert with the extra

dynamite crates.

3) Capture the South Valley spawn. This becomes permenant once both

the Main Gate and wall have been breached.

4) Dynamite the Stable Doors.

5) Escort the Tank up to blow the Throne Room Door.

6) Construct the Throne Room Command Post to gain forward spawns.

7) Destroy the Cave Defences.

8) Dynamite the Weak Tunnel blocking off Allied reinforcements.




1) Prevent Axis placing additional explosives at the culvert.

2) Stop Axis blowing the main wall.

3) Defend the South Valley spawn.

4) Stop Axis from dynamiting the Stable Doors.

5) Prevent the Tank from reaching and blowing the Throne Room Door.

6) Stop Axis from building and defending the Throne Room Command Post.

7) Build and protect the Cave Defences.

8) Defend the Weak Tunnel from Axis dynamite.



Patrol Points:



In various stages of the map are what are called Patrol Points (or

PP for short).

A PP is a designated zone that a certain team / class combination

must remain in for a given length of time to enable additional

benefits for their team.


The time to enable a PP, and how long that PP stays enabled for,

varies, but is clearly defined. Players enabling a PP will be told

how long it takes to enable, and the whole team is alerted when a

PP is enabled, disabled, and when it's about to run out.


PPs are identified by a striped border around them.

The class and team combination required to activate the PP will be

shown on the wall within the PP itself.

The icon indicates what class is required, and the icons correspond

exactly to the icons for class selection in the limbo screen, but

are detailed here:


Helmet = Soldier

Cross = Medic

Bullet = Field Op

Target = Covert Op

Spanner = Engineer


The colour of the striped zone marker and the class icons indicate

what team can activate the patrol point:


Red = Axis

Blue = Allies

Grey / yellow = Either team


So, for example, a blue cross means that only an Allied Medic can

activate the patrol point.


PPs are marked on the Command map.

The effects gained from enabling a PP are varied, and stated at

the time of activation.



Special in-game effects:



Axis Patrol Points:


Axis has a medic-only PP located under the mountain next to the

ramp. It takes 20 seconds to enable, and gives Axis spawn points

there. It lasts for 2 minutes.


Allied Patrol Points:


Allies have a medic-only PP located in the halls under the Fort.

It takes 10 seconds to enable, and unlocks the health cabinets

dotted around the map for 1 minute.


Allies have a field-op-only PP located in the second level of

the tower. It takes 10 seconds to enable, and unlocks the ammo

cabinets dotted around the map for 45 seconds.




I think map is good for Jay 1 because it is very big so no problems with crowded, and it makes a change to the map rotation.

The sniping at the start of the map is also something I find very enjoyable.

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