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Stanley Cup Game 7


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Wednesday the Cup will be decided!!!!



Now that they are playing in BC, I guess the Canuck's goalies will remember how to stop the puck again.


Our daughter will promote any team provided you send the clothing. Here is the lastest gift from Uncle Tom who recently moved to Boston.


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From the Boston area - home for the summer now :)


No team has been able to win on the road but the Bruins have been owning the Nucks at home and barely losing on the road. Hopefully they can change that tomorrow night and take the Cup!

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Officiating has been a joke... I pray the refs do not decide the game.


As for the dirty hit... how about Boychuck on Raymond... no penalty, he did not have the puck, Boychuck put him in a vunerable position and did not let up... Raymond has a broken back and is out for 3-4 months, if he is able to play ever again. Oh, and classy Thorton shooting at Luongo before the game even started.

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No doubt in my mind that Tim Thomas will be MVP this season.

He's been the number one reason Boston has been winning their home games so easily in the finals.

Luongo on the other hand....i don't think anyone is impressed by his efforts so far against Boston.



Last homegame i think Vancouver had four straight 2 minute penalties against them.

Even if they won that game that won't cut it in this last one i think.

I hope the Luongo, the Sedin's and the rest of the team can get their shit together tonight.

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