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Google's guitar logo plays an encore


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(CNN) -- Internet procrastinators got a second day to improvise virtual guitar tunes, thanks to the popularity of Google's homepage guitar logo.


The "doodle," as Google refers to its one-off logo designs, featured a six-string guitar, which let visitors record 30-second songs by strumming chords with a flick of the mouse.


Google posted the widget in honor of electric-guitar guru Les Paul's 96th birthday Thursday. Paul died in 2009 at age 94.


"Due to popular demand, we're leaving the Les Paul doodle up in the U.S. for an extra day," Google wrote via Twitter. "Thanks for jamming with us!"


Remember the interactive Pac-Man doodle from last year? It was such a hit that Google gave it a permanent site. The Les Paul tribute has gotten the same treatment.


Whether it was 30 seconds of random strumming or a complicated cover, Google users have come up with a catalog of original songs since Thursday.


Here are some of our favorite compositions:


One user composed a convincing rendition of

, as well as Hans Zimmer's "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme song. Some people are just talented at plucking digital guitar strings.


But perhaps the most innovative arrangement was a version of "

" that layered sounds from three versions of the doodle, comprising the melody, bass and rhythm of the Michael Jackson hit.


Many Google users chose to cover songs with iconic guitar solos, but one creative digital musician condensed

into a brief guitar melody.


The main riff from classic rock band

was performed at an impressively fast tempo by Google user Yoshiman646, who made the "quick" video out of boredom, according to the YouTube page.


Not only did this version of

sound accurate, the video also provides a lesson on how to play the reggae tune.


What impressed us about Intelligent App's cover of Frankie Valli's single

was that it lasted for more than two 30-second sessions. Bravo. Encore.




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i got such a fright when i accidentally strummed the google logo, wasnt expecting a loud guit in my room


LOL me too I was like wtf was that?

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