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I'm requesting we replace regular Goldrush with the GA version for Jay2. Of course most of you know which version I'm talking about. It has the railing access as well as other ways to get in to the bank. I think this would be a good change from the original version and especially on Jay2 where its almost always populated. And please don't say that axis are gonna get owned with this version, if anything I think the axis might dominate a bit more. Even with the added access points to the bank I think axis won't have a difference in defending their gold.




On a side note I'd like to see a replacement for Minas Tirith. This map has been in the Jay2 rotation for way too long and I'm sure I'm not the only one to say this map needs to go. Maybe replace it with Resurrection or something. I know some ppl like it still but every time I'm on and it comes on ppl say "oh no not this map again" or they go spec or disconnect.

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3] Post the download link of that map from our download section. If that map doesn't exist in our download section, upload the map and then post that download link.


1] Start your own thread / topic with Map Name in the title. If you want to suggest/feedback 5 maps make new topic for each map. Don't put all in one topic. If the topic of that map exist, don't create new one. Just use same topic. Duplicate topics will be moved to invalid suggestion section.


If you have a complaint about a map and want to replace it for other, create other topic.

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Aint gonna happen, it was on before and it always turned out a disaster. Allies team would always get stacked, axis spawn would be constantly pelted with mortars. To much trouble then its worth

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Aww, what a bummer. I've voiced the desire for this map in-game and always got positive comments. And the server has moar admins on it now than I can recolect.


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