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[SickNess] Introduction


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Hello everyone, I used to be very good friends with one of your clan members "Bart" untill I quit ET. Now I talked to him sometimes on MSN and he said he's been playing on Fearless Assasins as an Admin so I bought a new PC and came here. I enjoy your XPSAVE RECRUITING very much atm and there's alot of nice and good players. I hope I meet Bart soon !


I am 16 Years old and I love to play ET, I wanna be as good as I used to be a year ago. I plan on getting very active on this Forums cause I enjoy Forums.


SickNess (Wolf ET Player)

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If I remember rightly, Bart plays Jaymod #2 and #3 (You've been playing Jaymod #1).. But I'm sure you'll come accross him as you check out our other servers - once you get your skills back, check out the HARDCORE crew - that's a lovely server ;) Tight, accurate hitboxes and perfect settings (IMO) (FF is on FYI).


Welcome to the forums, and I hope we get to know you! :)



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