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Other for the old F|A members like daredevil rainier fem


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well just here to congratulate THE CLAN, from all of the clans i playedd so far in all of my life you guys are the most awesome!!!

i consider you guys as a friend and just here to congratulate for all of your guys advances

anyways i have to wait for a while for college so i might be back pwning u noobs like daredevil!!

and get dominatrixed by FeM

anyways if i came back can u guys continue my applications

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LOL!!! How are your ballz there swatninja? Did you win in court or come to a good settlement against that b*** who kicked you? :D


i won $5000 dollars and used at least $1000 for medical bills, $4000

what should i do with the money??? i know BUY STRIPPERS AND HOOKER AND BEER AND THEN INVITE ALL OF YOU TO A PARTY!!! andd ill pay you FeM to be my dominatrix LOL

oh and the left over is for porn subscription lol


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first he calls me old.. then he calls me a hooker.. >ROFL!!!!!


This kid is on crack. Well at least you won. Save that cash in a bank for a rainy day.

yes in fact i am on crack, i bought some using the money i won lmao

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