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  1. anyways try to make it weekends around 3:00-7:00 pm PACIFIC also add that u guys are friend of sgt.reaper AAARGH.. i keep forgeting putting important info its a BF2 match
  2. alright hello there guys long time no talk =) anyways im an ISI member for bf2 so i wish u guys can propose a scrim match here http://www.isichristianclan.net/ISI/viewforum.php?f=74 just make an account and post it in the link i gave you cheers!! anyways sory i didnt join your clan
  3. i agree i have big balls how did u found out???lmao
  4. This kid is on crack. Well at least you won. Save that cash in a bank for a rainy day. yes in fact i am on crack, i bought some using the money i won lmao
  5. ur not exactly a hooker, ur a dominatrix and dominatrix gets paid unless you give free ones!!!
  6. lmao i meant like the first members of the clan or aka old members, old meaning the time youve been in clan not agewise LOL
  7. just hope she doesnt up being a skank like paris hilton etc.
  8. i won $5000 dollars and used at least $1000 for medical bills, $4000 what should i do with the money??? i know BUY STRIPPERS AND HOOKER AND BEER AND THEN INVITE ALL OF YOU TO A PARTY!!! andd ill pay you FeM to be my dominatrix LOL oh and the left over is for porn subscription lol
  9. oh and im downloading it again whats jaymods ip adress???
  10. well just here to congratulate THE CLAN, from all of the clans i playedd so far in all of my life you guys are the most awesome!!! i consider you guys as a friend and just here to congratulate for all of your guys advances anyways i have to wait for a while for college so i might be back pwning u noobs like daredevil!! and get dominatrixed by FeM anyways if i came back can u guys continue my applications
  11. SHE SHOULD CONSIDER RAPPING INSTEAD OF LOVE SONGS!!(watch the ending its pretty funny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N03XkdIfYVo
  13. jacker lol jk post em i just dont have the time to post most of it
  14. SWATninja


    for reminding me
  15. SWATninja


    MY RATES ARE GOING DOWN BCUZ MY ART IS GETTING MORE POPULAR AND BASTARD WHO ARE JEALOUS RATES IT DOWN my cousin is a big fan of newgrounds and he wants some of the shirts theyre selling so they have this contest robot crap thingy and since im the artistic one in the family(no not autistic u hear me)so i join this contest vote for it http://www.jacksmack.com/index.php?acti ... botID=3505 or if the link doesnt work go to jacksmack in the side find build a robot 3 gallery and then search military prototype 40 and click on it and in the nottom right theres is a rainbow bar and click it to the farthest right of bar THNX (those who voted already sometimes they forget tht you voted over a period of time like 2-3 weeks so vote again or use a new browser cuz they forget its u or do both)

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