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About Binding But Not Regular Binding



Okay This Is My Question,


I Was Playing In A Server Earlier And When This Guys Killed Someone In The Chat He Had A Bind That Said The Following:


" I Just Owned "PlayerName" With My "WeaponName" And Still Have "HisHP" Left ! "


How do i get it to show the player name, weapon i used, and the stuff like that...in other words what are the binds to have it show those things?

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type any of the follow in the console - e.g [a] . include the brackets


[A] - Past person who gave you ammo.

[D] - Last person who killed you.

[H] - Last person who gave you health.

[K] - Last person you killed.

[L] - Your current location. (Coordenates in where u are)

[N] - Your nickname.

[R] - Last person who revived you.

[P] - Teammate you are pointing at.

- Your health (HP).

[W] - Weapon you are currently holding.

[T] - Ammo u have in current weapon.


just type in




in the console to look at the list


list taken from



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np. remember this is shrubmod cmd (i belive) , so it should work for al 3 mods, but try doing /textshortcuts in the console in NQ/ETPub and the cmd itself won't be recongised. I belive the cmds themselves do work - e.g type in [D] and it should display person last killed , but you'll need to memorize them (or go through the alphabet)

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@ Etpub:

Turns on the replacement of the following keys in say messages

last player who gave you ammo
last player who killed you
the last 8 characters of your GUID
last player who gave you health
last player you killed
your location (letter,number)
your name
last player who revived you
last player you looked at
health remaining
name of current weapon
ammo for current weapon

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Nice i'll use this on whiners can't believe I never thought of doing this earlier.


bind k "vsay allclear ^8 I just owned [k], with my [w], and have hp left"


:D:D:D Can't wait to use it on crying raters and rapers who only kill the weak newbies.

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From my personal experience people pick up fights due to this binds. So, be careful. I had !pwned command on Etpub so they can show their HP if someone ask how much their HP is left, but after sometime it got over abused and i had to remove it.

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