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Need a teammate


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I remember a few months ago I was playing eng for a couple of maps.. and my team was stuck (no wins).. :roll: until a guy named "jinx" (i'll never forget is name) came to me and said "follow me" I when after him.. and he leaded me straight to the "goldrush" tank.. and covered my ass while I fixed the tank.. after that we teamed up and, and we owned the map and no time.. more 2 or 3 maps and we didn't give axis a change.. :twisted: after that he left and I haven't seen him in the server in months..


I know teamplay on pub server is hard.. but I feel I still have much to learn a bout team work.. (when I say team I mean fireteam)..

Running a map together.. covering for each other.. using 2 or 3 guys to make ambushes.. :hmm


So I am officially asking for a team mate... I usually play as eng.. but don't mind being a med or fops.. so if any of you guys are up for it

to try to practice your fireteam skills.. next time your on server.. drop me a line and we'll make a fireteam.. and try to do something productive :)


PS: if you are more of a rambo medic, loose canon, easy trigger kind of guy.. forget it, this isn't about frags, its about exploring tactics..

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i know.. u can invite me on etpro lol u and me vs rainier, joe e righteous .. haha accept ? :P


se pegar fogo nos chamamos o bope ( =F|A=**fem** )


PS: acho que isso teve algo haver com nssa conversa

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♪♪ Caldas has a boyfriend, who he'll never see again! ♪♪ :D


Hum seriously, when I am a fields ops (almost all the time), I do what I can to protect engineer. It's our job I think.

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