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Fasterix here!


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Hello F/A!


Maybe some of you know me as the guy that cant use "L" to start playing, lol.


Well, i love Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, and i love every F/A server, those are the best servers outhere.


I want to apply for the F/A team, because i think you rock, and ill be a great addition to the crew:


-Im a good fragger, when i play to kill.

-Im a good sniper, when our men need support.


And most important:

-IM THE BEST AND MOST DEDICATED ENGINEER EVER!!! i never stop until i get the tank fixed, or the target built, or destroy.



PLEASE take my in consideration, i love playing W:ET, i play almost everyday, and it would look cool to have the tag "F/A_Fasterix" when im playing.


Ok, i think thats all.



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Hey dude :)


Welcome to the forums!


If you want to apply please do so here: http://fearless-assassins.com/forums/5-join-fa-community/


There's a form stickied which you'll need to fill out :)


Good luck in advance!



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I wonder how many times i have botter you with my: "Put me on a team, plz!" hahaha, lol.


Thank you very much for your wishes and for the advice... I really want to be an F/A :D


Excuse me, im from Southamerica.

Do i apply in the "US/CA C/S/N America Application" thread?

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Hahaha :P I didnt realise who you were but now you say that, I remember ^_^


for future reference, you can type in the console

/team r (which is axis)

/team b (allies)

/team s (spectator)


which is faster than limbo menu :P


Yep, C/S/N stands for Central, Southern, Northern America :)




EDIT: Remember to submit your GUID so we can find you on our servers =] How to: http://fearless-assassins.com/tutorials/article/62-members-and-server-regular-submit-your-guid/

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