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  • Added on: Apr 04 2010 12:50 AM
  • Date Updated: Apr 25 2016 07:29 AM
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Members and server regular submit your GUID

How to submit your GUID on forums for W:ET and COD4

Posted by daredevil on Apr 04 2010 12:50 AM

We are planning to add new system by which your level will be based on GUID submitted on forum. With time many members and regulars have changed their GUID. In shrubbot their are tons of junk GUID. It's been 1 year and I am planning to do some clean up on old GUID which are not in use any more.

You can submit your 8 character GUID here:


All, ET and COD 4 members need to submit their GUID.

I strongly suggest if you are server regular and applied for membership or your have admin level on our server please update your GUID also.

Your submitted GUID can be seen publicly but this is safe. Any player can see anybody's 8character GUID in /pb_plist & /pb_alist as the last 8 characters are not considered to be 'sensitive data' by PunkBuster. Only full 32character GUIDs are sensitive data, so do not submit full the 32-character GUID! Last 8 characters only!.

Their is no estimated date when new system will be in action but I do guarantee that if the GUID is not submitted in due time of 14 days you will loose your admin level or may be even XP on jaymod servers.

We are also planning to modify our sexy roster with few more fine details.

The only exception to above rule is Savage because he can't access forums.

Thank you.


Here is how you can get your GUID.

-- For ET---

1. Start the Game.

2. Open console using ~ key.

3. Type clear and then /cl_guid  {edited 2016}

4. Then type /condump myguid.txt

Close ET. Look in your etmain folder and you will file name myguid.txt. Open it and you will see your GUID in it. Submit the last 8 characters in your profile.

You can see a live video of the process for W:ET here:  {2016: use /cl_guid instead of /pb_myguid}

For COD4.

1. Start the Game and enter a PunkBuster enabled server.

2. Open the console by pressing Shift+~.

3. Type pb_myguid and press Enter.

4. Copy your GUID on paper and add it in your profile.

While in a =F|A= CoD4 server you may also use the !me command to get your GUID.

IMP NOTE: Make sure you don't miss any character or enter wrong one and if you do only you will not have admin level. smile.gif