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Cheater i found on =F[A= server


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Hi my name is Bazzerker and i was playing on one of your servers in Wolfenstein Enemy Territories and im a rookie and i was playing with a certain player named dirror thats his online name this guys XP it was 345698 it was extremly high im not sure if that means anything to you guys but im pretty sure he was cheating cause he was getting alot extreme kills that kept going on and on and it never ended it seemed that he never died at all with all those killings he did my team was shooting at him and there were at least 4 surrounding him but they were bots and they have more skill to shoot even i couldnt dodge them


i just wanted someone to lookout for this guy his name is dirror the color of his name is the same color i put to make it more easier to know who im talking about

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If you get a chance, get a demo ;)


dude if u want to have that image as a signature write this steyraug1.gif  between [img]

do that in http://fearless-assassins.com/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=members&area=signature


Sorry for the off topic thing. Ehmmm if I see that guy I'll watch him , thanks for telling us :)

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Hey dude..


Firstly thanks for reporting a possible cheater, and trying to help maintain our cheat-free servers.


I will look out for this player however I have a point to make: With high XP, it's unlikely (but by no means impossible) that he is cheating. Firstly, if he'd been cheating the whole time to get all that xp then he would most probably have been caught by now. If he never cheated before, earned all this XP, then it's unlikely that he would risk being banned and losing all his XP etc, as he is obviously a regular user and would lose out by getting banned.


However, like I said this doesn't mean he's not cheating, so we'll investigate the matter - but it sounds to me (based on instinct and probability) that he is probably just an exceptional player :)


Again, thanks for taking the time to point this out and help maintain the quality of the servers :)



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