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Buying Sound System...

Johnny Phoenix

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Firstly, before I start to sound like I know what I'm talking about, I only know a few basic rules with soundsystems..


So.. What's your budget?


Also, what sort of space do you have for speakers? Enough for 5 satelite speakers for 5.1 surround, or would you need more of a 2 speaker 1 sub (2.1) setup?


Do you have a soundcard that will handle a 3 way output (front, rear, and center(sub)) - this is necessary for a decent sound system..



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Depends on what you need, how much you want to spend and whats available in your area.


I've always found the mid range logitech speakers to be a really good deal vs cost. something like the Z323 and the Z523; are the best bang for your buck IMO. These are only 2.1 sound systems, but they sound good unless your an audiophile and really want accurate reproduction of music.


If you want to step up a bit higher, the choices get more wide spread, but in general I like Logitech, Klipsch and maybe bose...but they're over priced for what you get IMO.


Edit: looks like Chuckun beat me to the punch, but he's right. Take into account your sound card, ifyou want Stereo, 2.1 or surround. If you want 5.1, you will need a soundcard that can handle it, though most modern sound cards can.

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