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Enemy Territory - Remaster (Prototype) preview

Darkin Man

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Hello everyone!

Today, I would like to share you the first preview of Enemy Territory - Remaster Prototype.

As I say in the video, almost everything you will see is far from being representative of the visual quality you can expect for the final release. So far, everything as been made to test the game functioning in "real conditions", on a real playable map, and not for being visually impressive (not yet).

I wanted to do this preview more as a teaser than as a real gameplay presentation. I'm not taking this project as a joke, I'm spending a lot of time and efforts in it, and I'm really motivated to break the "ET2 curse" by releasing a real playable game, with my vision of what should be a good "ET2", and I hope it will be appreciated by as many ETPlayers as possible.

That's it for today, here is the Youtube link, so remember to check the video description, and feel free to share me your opinion about it. (In advance, I'm sorry for the poor video quality, I'm definitely not a good Youtuber)


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5 hours ago, RendeL said:

Oh man, that looks great! Any hints what kind of gaming gear this will require, as the looks of the surface and modeling, not any toaster will run this smoothly?

In a perfect world, I'd like to make it runnable on a 4-5 years old PC (with lowest settings), but because I ain't even implemented 25% of the entire game's logic in the running process, and because I only tested it on Valhalla (which is a really small map), I can't realistically estimate the performances on any hardware. Consider that without any optimization, at this moment of the development phase, I can run the game at ~100FPS on a Ryzen 2700X & GeForce RTX 2080 & 32Go RAM (keep in mind that I'm doing it on the new Unreal Engine 5 pre-release version, where there is a huge performance decrease due to the new technologies this version introduced, so even the newer versions will increase my current performances).


4 hours ago, Night Train said:

woow , like those guntracers!!! well done and keep the great job

Much thanks, be sure that I'll do my best ;)


4 hours ago, MikeSlayer said:

looks incredible keep us updated or if you require any assistance

In the video description you can find a link to the Discord server dedicated to this project, so if you want to stay updated, you definitely should check it out.

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