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my name is Jurian


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Previous gaming aliases:

Steam: wiltingjurian

Previous gaming clans or guild, if any: none

Discord ID Cerveza_Games#0539


What country are you from?: Dutch

What languages do you speak?:Dutch

Do you use a translator to post in English yes

How did you find our community?: Herman a friend

Do you play other games?: yes

Roughly how many days a week do you play?: 7

Have you donated or purchased VIP membership?: no

Do you have any admin experience?: little bit with minecraft scum not

Will you be able to help in recruiting new members?: yes

Do you have any special expertise (coding, modding, Photoshop, etc.)?: little bit

What will you be able to offer the community should you be accepted?: help wich bugs

Have you submitted your SteamID in your profile?: i dont now

Who referred you? (These are important so make sure you list everyone that asked you to apply): =F|A=monster 

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fast this boy barely I recruit and you apply you are motivated it is fun I confirm my referal and  my vote '+1 no problem to report with this player very nice tic and appreciate by all on the server I wish you welcome in the club and soon in our admin good luck to you🤩hip hop dance GIF by Fanta Australia

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@rambozo37steam id addon on the profiles its ok players regular i think u cant set this boy on apprentice for a time thnx my friend


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