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Youtube troubles Right Now [cleared]

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If you are viewing any YouTube videos via Fearless-assassins right now, and have having delays, it is not our forums. ūüėĄ




Shows over 98,000 reports of trouble in the last hour and 5 minutes.


When watching a video, it may play for 5 or 10 minutes and then show the "busy-circle".   Now it seems to be play on Chrome for about 1.5 minutes.  A short vid via Opera "Private Window" played through okay.  I wonder if this is related to the YouTube download cache and whether YT is 'fetching' more data when the cache nears depletion???




The reports are pouring in.  This chart is from 3 minutes later.



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It looks like the reports peaked at 257,000 11 minutes ago and are now down to about 46,000. (now 26,000)


ADDED:  The original "stuck video" is now showing this error statement:




I see that that got stuck at 1:31.  Why did I think it had played for 5 or 10 minutes?  (Maybe that is the length of time that I "fiddled" with stuff to get it going again?)



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It is down to 12,000 reports now...


I tried to find info on the error-code that I had received, but failed.


One site had tips on how to fix YouTube errors and had 10 suggestions.  


The LAST tip was to use a Down-detector site, which is the FRIST thing that I did, after I found the same problem on other browsers.


It had "restore Windows" in the list before that! ūüėģ¬†:o¬†ūüėģ¬†



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typo, "sigh" :(
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  • RedBaird changed the title to Youtube troubles Right Now [cleared]
19 hours ago, -=HipKat=- said:

My 13 yr old was complaining about it last night but it seems to be OK now


Yes, I have occasionally gotten that 'busy signal' or the error-statement, but last night, all of the links from FA would play a little while and then........ :hmm 


That made me checking into it a little more.  


One reason for my making this topic was to inform people about the "Is It UP"-type of websites, such as DownDetector.  That should be early in your trouble-shooting session, and not some of those more technical and extreme methods as in that Youtube-trouble fixit website!


WinMTR would have been my next step.  That might show 'trouble' in the route my packets were taking, but that should be more for delays and not for "nothing, nothing, nothing".


THEN I would have worried about my local machine. :(  I have sometimes had to restart modems or computers to fix temporary problems.  Windows troubleshooters might help.


But GolDarn!  Do not restore Wndows from the last update or the last backup! :o  




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