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R3D Warrior19

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3 hours ago, R3D Warrior19 said:

What is your favorite movie or movies? Be honest like usual  :))

Nah, I  think I'll lie about it...


Doesn't this thread already exist?


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Mad Max Fury Road

Ghost in the Shell both versions

Tron Legacy

Star Gate

Star Wars

Rocky 1 -8

The Others




Star Wars

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Blade Runner 1 and 2

The X Men saga

Every Star Wars movie except for Episode II and III ( Compared to the rest of the saga....they are pretty bad...)

The Fugitive , Double Jeopardy, any of those 90s movies that feel like solid 90s blockbusters ( This includes a lot of movies that I can't even think of that you probably can) 

The Wizard of Oz

Golden Eye ( fits the 90s category above...) 

TMNT the original 90s live action film... ( Sort of fits that 90s category) 

Terminator one ( After seeing T-2 numerous times honestly it's boring and way way too long.... I rather watch kyle reese.... 
The Rock ( Because it has Kyle Reese) 😄 ( Fits that 90s category) 

Batman, Tim Burton's.... This movie has a lot of style, sometimes when watching it it feels very ... "aged" but it has always been one of my favorite Batman films.

I like alot of movies but these are probably the ones I watch most often.... Actually, I don't watch anything that often anymore. I watch mostly netflix and TV shows like Stargate SG-1 and DS-9....
I would add horror movies to my list but they make my heart race now so I don't watch them...I'm all about no stress when I chill now... 


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