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  1. Lag, teleportation, spikes!? Connection Issues!? (Seriously!??) LIAR! Just get better at ET, learn how to aim. There is no such thing as any of that.... LEARN HOW TO MOVE BETTER! (I'm being sarcastic...) (This game just tends to suck like that, you might not ever find a fix, you could have decent ping and still have issues....)
  2. Mad Max Fury Road Ghost in the Shell both versions Tron Legacy Star Gate Star Wars Rocky 1 -8 The Others Alien Aliens Predator Star Wars Raiders of the Lost Ark Blade Runner 1 and 2 The X Men saga Every Star Wars movie except for Episode II and III ( Compared to the rest of the saga....they are pretty bad...) The Fugitive , Double Jeopardy, any of those 90s movies that feel like solid 90s blockbusters ( This includes a lot of movies that I can't even think of that you probably can) The Wizard of Oz Golden
  3. I like you too captn. Honestly, as easy as some admins say it is, I don't think it's easy to keep teams balanced/ fair at all times. I might PM you or something... but honestly, at the same time... the admins could have been AFK or might have an excuse. After a whooping, teams got better but by then I was pissed and left. You're one of the more fun players to play with and a good admin... I'll consider recording my recording to share my recording. I think the real reason for venting wasn't to state a official complaint or anything. I think it's just the way it is... Even if you talked t
  4. I guess it's not THAT important to me but I record demos of basically every game. Good night everyone, thanks for the amazing meme.
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