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hi everyone a small topic to help you started well in the first point game creating your character

for those who do not yet know the game it must understand that all the parameter and strong point you give to your character are important I deposit a small video explanatory that in my opinion will help you much better than a long speech

it is of course important to create a character matching your expectations in the game all times certain basic point are to be respected to avoid you end up with a mediocre character who will offer you a bad gaming experience


then you have to start well in the game the character does not do everything xd

everything explaining you would be very long and laborious I advise you so these video tuto

if any time you have any questions left you can mp me via the forum or the discord of our team I will make sure to always answer as quickly as possible and help you the best

the pleasure of meeting you on our server in the fun and respect of alle of course

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