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thats the one, its on the inside of my left bicep, I'll try to find a picture that shows that and I'll find one of my other tattoo. (its just lettering too)

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Ok so I couldn't find any other pictures so I just took some on my phone haha



That pic shows how its on my arm better :P



The one on my back


another one of the one on my back.

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the one with "hope" is amazing :D :D



They both are really looking good! i like it!!


Thanks you very much! :)


This is my arm tattoo of a wolf




I really like the detail on it.

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But but I want to see your tattoos Stars!

Oh btw, here is another topic about it : http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/8890-tattoos/

oh woops duplicate thread :/ haha thanks for pointing that out Seaside ^^ but oh well I'm still curious :D haha

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