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Guitars - Hot Schecter or Flying dean?



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  1. 1. Which one?

    • Hellraiser C-1
    • Dave Mustaine VMNT

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Hi guys, i plan on buying a guitar that is suited towards metal (Currently own Ibanez Art 100 which is good for R&R) and i was wondering if i should go for the cheaper but better looking Schecter Hellraiser c-1 or the pricy-ier but better sounding Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT (Silver.)


Hellraiser = $700-$800

Dave Mustaine VMNT = $1100-$1200


Which one's the better deal? or biggest band for my buck?





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Eh the guitars i looked up seemed to have the higher ratings and better price tag. Never been a huge fan of LTD/ESP just because they can be a bit pricy and not always produce and solid sound.


I would love to get this VMNT but it's $4500-$5000 just because it's limited and signed by dave :cry


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Deans arent really known for their durability.

Saw Matt Heafy drop his guitar slightly and it broke the neck in half lolol


anyway, schecter is always the best bang for the buck.

i may be biased because i dont like V's, but Deans do suck from what i have owned so far, and they were high end razorbacks also.


i currently own a hellraiser-fr and a damien-fr. They sound better than my 1000dollar razorback

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