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Lagg or delay





I installed COD4 again, afther 1 year not playing it.

But since the day I installed it again, everything runs smooth, till I join a server.


My mouse delays, the fire you see at the helicopter is also delayed(laggs), and I got the same probs on an empty server. Even the sounds are delayed. my FPS is around 7-8, to tell you, it sux.

Please help me cuz I dunno what to do to fix this.


Also updated cod4 to 1.7patch. And I already updated my graphic card.


nvidia geforce 7050 / nvidia nforce 610i = my graphic card

Ram 2,00GB

Intel® Pentium® Dual cpu E2220 @ 2.40GHz


btw: Singleplayer doesn't delay.


Please help me, and thanks for reading.

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I do have an AV, but I always turn my whole AV off when playing games.

And my CPU is 90% not in use. Even if COD4 is running.


About my GPU: I bought this computer very cheap, so my graphic card aint the best, but at the cover of the COD4 game, you see the required computer stuff, and I got them all, I just dont know if my graphic card is good enough for it, and I have no clue how to find out.(I also updated mine the day I installed COD4.


Thanks for quick replies.


btw: I do have a good graphic card, from my old computer, I bought that graphic card specially for cod4, but I cant put that graphic card in my computer unless I cut some stuff away in my computer(inside it).


BTW2: Im able to play CS without lagg.

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