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  1. Happy Birthday Crips+!

  2. Crips+


    Thanks guys.
  3. Crips+


    Why, do you think he does cheat ?
  4. Crips+


    Embarrising well ok thanks, he was quite suspisus with the bots, the engineer at te tank and at obj, but i believe you, and thx for watching
  5. Crips+


    Yeah, but I've heard u work together with TEAMMUPPET bans, and you have profesional ppl that can watch. And you got a caught too then. And if you dont ban those, plz just help us and watch demo
  6. Crips+


    Hi, I caught a cheater, it's not on your server, but at the end of the demo you got a !finger [person] so you can see his IP and also ban him. But could you please respond if he is using wallhack or not. Im 99% sure he does. DEMO: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gdjf6h
  7. Happy Birthday!!

  8. happy b-day bro :)

  9. Hi, I do have an AV, but I always turn my whole AV off when playing games. And my CPU is 90% not in use. Even if COD4 is running. About my GPU: I bought this computer very cheap, so my graphic card aint the best, but at the cover of the COD4 game, you see the required computer stuff, and I got them all, I just dont know if my graphic card is good enough for it, and I have no clue how to find out.(I also updated mine the day I installed COD4. Thanks for quick replies. btw: I do have a good graphic card, from my old computer, I bought that graphic card specially for cod4, but I cant put that graphic card in my computer unless I cut some stuff away in my computer(inside it). BTW2: Im able to play CS without lagg.
  10. Hi, I installed COD4 again, afther 1 year not playing it. But since the day I installed it again, everything runs smooth, till I join a server. My mouse delays, the fire you see at the helicopter is also delayed(laggs), and I got the same probs on an empty server. Even the sounds are delayed. my FPS is around 7-8, to tell you, it sux. Please help me cuz I dunno what to do to fix this. Also updated cod4 to 1.7patch. And I already updated my graphic card. nvidia geforce 7050 / nvidia nforce 610i = my graphic card Ram 2,00GB Intel® Pentium® Dual cpu E2220 @ 2.40GHz btw: Singleplayer doesn't delay. Please help me, and thanks for reading.
  11. I got the following: enhmod_qagame.mp.i386.so enhmodv109.pk3 jaymod_enh.so qagame.mp.i386.so And forcecvars are in forcecvarfile.cfg. Also the set g_flagsbehaviour "random" doesnt work. = To give bots a random IP. (instead of local host).
  12. Enchmod forcecvar settings dont have to be in XML config, right ? In the readme it said: forcecvarfile.cfg, and write the forcecvars in there like this: forcecvarex cg_fov IN 90 120 (example). And about the bots choising a team, isn't there another way then manualy do so, cuz that seems abit shity tbh.
  13. Also people getting kicked for: acking download mode.
  14. Yes, I did lol

  15. Hi, I'll get to the point, to not waste more time. Those are omni bot questions(hard to find answers on these)current omnibot 0.66: 1.I'd like to know how I can choice bots class. (please no bot addbot class team blabla) 2.How I can prevent bots from using MG(like tank etc) 3.When a bot is covert ops, i'd like to prevent him from taking sniper because it walks in sniper mode all the time, like a freaking cheater. Jaymod related: 2.1:Best way to have RCon set on server but still safe for the open source w:et hackerz. 2.2:I have enchanmod 1.0.9(newest), and some stuff dont work. I dont know if it's server side or at builder. I done exact the same builder asked to get forcecvar on entrace, but it doesn't work.(im 100% sure I did it the right way).Also some other g_commands from the 1.0.9 dont work, like flags not showing etc. PB: 3.1: I know you wont say it but worth a try. Many thanks, and I hope you can answer all of them

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