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ET Server Suggestion HC MAP Suggestions


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Hi everybody,


I would like to suggest some changes in map rotation:


Take out:


Leningrad (sever usually empties when this map is played). 


Take in:


Fueld Dump (a classic that should return, there are lots of maps on the list that are never voted, we could make some room for this classic piece)

BaseRace (because it's a very fun map to have on account).


I read ur comments! 

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I agree, same maps are voted repeatedly... I understand the maps like Supply Depot, Aldernest, Braundorff, Frostbite are awesome but when these maps are played 99 times a day it really does get boring. (I don’t want to sound annoying) but FCC is fully right... take out some of these “favourite maps” out and add new ones would be very fresh and cool.

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