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  1. Hardstyle, Psychedelic/Psytrance, Uplifting Trance, Techno, Progressive Trance, Chillstep some HardRock as well as the 80’s fan
  2. Winnipeg, Manitoba aka 204 All the way
  3. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful Turkish girl here best wishes !
  4. Sorry to hear about your loss, I wish you and your family strong strength. My deepest condolences.
  5. Hi there Mira, Welcome here! very cool introduction! It's is always nice to see another ETpro player see you on the server sometime ! Heady
  6. EDIT #3: Finally after 6 hours I got the PC built, it took a little longer than expected as my MoBo decided to not have a user manual to be included. Had to watch a whole bunch of videos, and read many reddit topics (thank god for that). anyway here are the results
  7. Alright Gents, lets go back to the year 2000. if you don't know this track or artist you are not a real psytrance/psychedelic fan The legend him self Yahel
  8. Thanks OG! EDIT #2: Ordered the MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER VENTUS XS OC 6 GB GDDR6 $366.45 CAD (Including Tax).
  9. My goodness, this build is one of the most beautiful builds I have seen! Honestly like you said it might cost a fortune which I have no doubt and I am not the one to judge you. But you already explained yourself you want it to last at least 8 years and I have absolutely no doubt this will even last more than 8 years with that many cores/threads easily as I like your way of thinking about the future! maybe from the picture it looks like the desktop is sitting on the carpet, but knowing you well enough now, I believe you so have some sort of cover or piece under neath that protects i
  10. @Snuffs99 Wow, that is some very helpful information. I will definitely consider that for future! I do realize the CPU is an older model, but for the price grabbed it. I was defenitely looking into the 3600 for sure, and maybe i should of picked the 3600 but oh well its paid and shipped to me now Well see how the motherboard performs The SSD i snagged was on sale too! as well my friend advised me that Samsung's is good quality SSD cards. The RTX 2060 are still pricey, at least here in Canada they got around $500+ so that's off the list. I am considering to go with the 1
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