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silEnT MOD version 0.6.1

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About This File

Some brilliant fixes are available since the recent 0.6.0 release of silEnT MOD. See details below!


What's New in Version 0.6.1 (See full changelog)

  • * Added: New optional parameter "syntax" to custom command blocks. This allows creating proper syntax help to show with !help command.
  • * Added: Shrubot custom commands can now have color codes. The colors are not required when using the commands.
  • * Changed: The maximum number of custom commands increased to 95.
  • * Fixed: Double amount of level stars in the map change debriefing.
  • * Fixed: Many coloring errors related to white nicks.
  • * Fixed: Server side was not handling the new skill_(x) cvars correctly.
  • * Fixed: Killed sniper had scope enabled with normal fov after revive. Depending how the sniper was killed.
  • * Fixed: !baninfo was not displaying permanent bans in Expires in field.
  • * Fixed: Stamina bar color bug.
  • * Fixed: Lua documentation. The G_ClientNumberFromString is actually ClientNumberFromString.
  • * Fixed: Some typos with shrubbot commands and inconsistencies with !help.
  • * Fixed: Shrubbot !help now accepts the command names with ! infront.
  • * Fixed: Unified !help syntax notation.
  • * Fixed: Player names that were both online and previously stored, were printed twice in the !aliassearch command output.
  • * Fixed: Formatting bug when more the 10 matching aliases for a player.
  • * Fixed: With custom commands, the missing command line parameters are stripped from the command.
  • * Fixed: Player name replacement gives better error messages for every case, including the command name.
  • * Fixed: Teammate healthbars were flashing wrong health data. Introduced in 0.6.0.
  • * Fixed: Player idents were enforcing bans to innocent players. Introduced in 0.6.0.