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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Submitted: Apr 14 2012 07:40 AM
  • Last Updated: Apr 14 2012 07:49 AM
  • File Size: 126.93KB
  • Views: 1424
  • Downloads: 93
  • Approved by: daredevil
  • Approved on: 14 April 2012 - 07:50 AM

Download KMOD 0.5.7

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KMOD+ which was built on top of clutch152 kmod aims to bring complete
admin support for Return to castle wolfenstien: Enemy Territory, and
mainly for ETpro mod.

main features:
- TZAC support
- Complete shrubbot support
- Comes with a set of most used admin commands
- Ability to write your own commands and share them easily (Drag & Drop)
- Killing Spree’s / Multi-Kills
- Banners
- Player Inactivity
And lots more.

Installation notes:
Extract the kmod+.zip into your etpro directory, and add "kmod+.lua” to the lua_modules cvar.
Make sure the fs_homepath and fs_basepath cvar’s are set correctly to the ET directory.
Please report bugs back to http://kmod.bugs3.com

And don’t forget to share your custom made commands with us.

** 20/02/2012 # add TZAC support: kmod+ now gets the guid age from TZAC
** 17/02/2012 # fixed TZAC issues
** 17/02/2012 # added hardcoded fear sounds
** 02/02/2012 # added heavy weapon restrictions (panzer,flamer,mg42,mortar,mines)
** 8/20/2011 # added ban support on tzac enabled server
** 8/19/2011 # revised core functions and some commands to relay on global_players_table[slot]["guid"] instead of the mod's cl_guid
** 8/14/2011 # added slac/tzac support, if pb is disabled, player[guid] is the slac/tzac user ID number.

** 7/2/2009 # added updated kmod+.lua - some forcecvar to make users see the commands output and log in the console
** 7/2/2009 # fixed doesnt work: callvote() -> callvote(clientNum)

0.5.4 -- first alpha
** 6/24/2009 # banner time and index carries over maps (cvar save/load)
** 6/24/2009 # killing spree, multikills recoded
** 2/7/2009 # fixed spectator inactivity kicking players on connect, yet again.
** 01/02/2009 # fixed kmod+ was stop grabbing guid-age's from pb_sv_plist on the first user that didnt have guid (?)
** 01/02/2009 # fixed spectrator inactivity kicking innocent players on server join, once again. (it heppends because the server assignes some random inactivity
number to a connecting player, and until the player loaded the map, he has unpredected "inactivity" time. sometimes that inactivity time is
bigger then the allowed inactivity time, and the player is kicked instantly)

** removed: advance player spawn (anti spawn killing) - if you want anti spawnkill module, use ETask.lua, its way better.

** added support (not full) for a shrubbot.cfg file - there must be at least 1 [admin] block for it to work (make a dummy admin)
** work-around: player tracker vulnerability - a player could use the system names [alias] [ip] or [warning] do disrupt the way the info displayed
** add: smart ban mask using player track facility
the command !banmask will ban the level 2 ip mask (xxx.xxx) of a player
and normal ban the player
players that already exist in the player track facility and connected from the banned ip mask
will allow to join the server (assuming they are known and trusted players)
any new players from the banned subnet mask will be kicked!


** fix: k_spectatorInactivity kicking players when connecting to the server because of wierd inactivity time stamps
** fix: k_spectatorInactivity was working always like the server is full
** add: etpro's /follow command expended - /follow will now trigger the follow (unlike full name as before)
** /console_command has been moved out of the core files into seperate files under "console"
** changed: private messages - ignored clients are unable to send private messages to the ignoring client
** work around: etpro's sess.ignoreClients field isnt exposed to the lua API
we track the ignores by our selves
a whole ignore/unignore system set up


** cross TJmod-KMOD+ support! (/save /load /iwant /goto /goback
** add: k_max_name_change - maximum allowed name changes per map
** add: fully supported !bans (including temp bans)
** add: k_mute bitflag (up to bitflag 16 - 5 flags)
** add: fully supported !mute (including temp mute)
** changed !war to support diffrent classes for allies and axis, and ability to set ammo/clip munition
** shurbbot.dat file save functionality change, now dumping all the admins from memory to file.
** add/fix: swear/censor punishment (just added functunality, need to take another look at the code though)
** fix: min guid age check - a player connected to the same slot of a player with new guid were kicked for new guid
** fix: advance spawning - sometimes player spawned without shield
** add: spectator Inactivity
** add: playerInactivity
** add: levels flags
** add: guid spoof check
** add: min guid check
** improved PM's (can now send to more then 1 person)
** add: banners
** add: levels.dat support
** add: admin greeting
** add: fully supported !ban !unban !showbans commands ****note: deleting the banlist.dat file will not unban the banned clients, the bans are loaded to punkbuster
** changed: the unknown KMOD admin and command system, to global tables: global_admin_table[GUID] = level , admin_commands_table[command] = level
** command return is now either silent or public (silent return if command is silent /!command)
** can now rcon all commands - /rcon password !command
** silent command possible - /!command
** moved all commands out of the kmod.lua to a seperate command.lua files
** add panzer per players

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