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ET: Legacy | etl-2.70-alpha2-win_and_lin.zip

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About This File

What is ET: Legacy?


Project home: https://sourceforge.net/p/etlegacy/


ET: Legacy is a version of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (based on its open-sourced code). The main goal of this project is to fix bugs, remove old dependencies and make it playable on all major OSes while still remaining compatible with the ET 2.60b version and as many mods as possible.


What's the difference between ET:L and, for example, OpenWolf, ET:Xreal or raedwulf-et? As mentioned above, ET:L tries to maintain compatibility with ET 2.60b and its mods (tested so far: NoQuarter 1.2.9 and ETPub). Unlike me, people working on those projects know what they are doing, they are professionals. I'm not. They want to create a new better ET, I just want to make the old ET better.


This project started a few days ago by forking raedwulf-et at revision 24ca3ade888b.


Warning !!!


This is an alpha quality software. It contains many bugs - some known, some not yet found. Do not replace your W:ET binaries with the ones you download from here. Instead unpack the directory to some other location and copy pak0.pk3, pak1.pk3, pak2.pk3, mp_bin.pk3, etkey (if you want to keep XP) and maps from your W:ET installation there.


Version history


2.70 (alpha 2)

ALT+TAB minimizes the game

sound now works correctly on Windows and SDL is linked dynamically

fixed key binding on international keyboards

disabled OpenAL

2.70 (alpha)

switched from etmaster.idsoftware.com to etmaster.net

compatibility with NoQuarter 1.2.9

ported etkey generation from ioquake

updated CURL lib to the latest version available

resolved about a 1000 compiler warnings (still a few hundreds left)

removed some useless and deprecated code (a lot more to go)

all the fixes and improvements made by raedwulf (move from deprecated platform specific code to SDL, sound fix on linux, etc.)