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Mouse Accel Fix Pack Windows XP SP3 1.0

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About This File

I'm including in the package a Windows Acceleration Fix remover for Windows XP

Just Open the file mouse_fix.reg and get ride of that annoying mouse negative acceleration


Tired of players that reacts faster than you?

If you don't own a gaming mouse and you would like to improve your mouse response then you can Increase the polling rate


Polling what?


By default Windows limits a user’s USB update-rate, or polling rate to a mere 125hz (125 updates per second). Sure that sounds like a decent number, but when you factor in just how far USB gaming mice have progressed, it’s slow as molasses. What’s the point of 4000 DPI if you’re being bottlenecked at 125hz? Therefore, It only seems logical to get the highest polling rate possible to maximize the performance of your mouse.




Before using it i would like to point out something , every overclock has its risks. so the risks

associated with changing your USB polling rate above 125hz are:

  • Increased CPU usage
  • Hardware failures(usually motherboard)
  • Your computer may become unstable


Myself have used it for over 2 years in different computers (hardware) and never had an issue. Trust me it helps.


Anyways I do recommend to change it to 500hz max cause the difference between 1000hz and 500hz is just 1ms and You shouldn't overload the device.

Note: The Mouse Polling Rate Forcer only works on Windows XP