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Abridged fueldump

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About This File

Another reduced/accelerated fueldump version (somewhat akin to the various sw_fueldump flavors) by nUllSkillZ. Tank speed should be raised (suggestion 1.25)! Yet another flavor of fueldump for you!


Introduction: "Quicker Fueldump" is an ET-Pro V 3.2.6 mapscript modification with the following features:

- Global -- timelimit: 20 -- Axis spantime: 25 -- Allied spawntime: 20 -- Tank is invulnerable - 1st stage -- Allied first spawn and tankstart at 2nd wooden hut (original Allied spawn still present and choosable but reduced to 6 spawnpoints) -- Bridge only one stage constructible with a chargebarrequest of 1.25 -- Footbridge chargebarrequest 0.75

-- Tank destroys Tunnelentrance immediately after passing the Bridge

- 2nd stage -- capturable spawnflag at Garage (only for allied)

if captured by allied flag can be choosen as spawnpoint spawn is independent of Commandpost state -- Garage Ammo-/Health-cabinet available from startup independent of Commandpost state -- Tank destroys Maingate after leaving the Tunnel Garage spawnflag switches to default and is removed -- final Tankposition in front of Maingate

enables another choosable allied spawn in the room near the tunnel exit

-- Sidewall is dynamitable -- Axis teamdoor inside Fueldump building removed -- Depotgates are still two stage constructibles

but will be removed completely stage by stage after first time full construct and some additional fixes from mortis and reyalP


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