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ETTV (Beta 9)

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About This File

Download File Name: ettv-beta9.zip

Mod Name: ETTV (Beta 9)






ETTV is a modification that allows anybody to spectate Enemy Territory matches without actually being on the server the teams are playing on. The purpose is so that you have have thousands of people all able to watch an exciting match live, without being able to interfere or otherwise cause problems with the match.


The ETTV modification is supplied within the ETPro modification, you do not need any further modification unless you intend to run an ETTV Server.




Readme File:



tv_noreinforcetime (default 0, disabled) - don't show reinforcement times to spectators

signals sent to server which would normally cause it to silently shutdown are now verbosely logged (linux only).

watchdog timer now defaults to 70 seconds (to prevent it tripping before com_watchdog default of 60 seconds).

zinx's new packet reassembly code, ettv should now handle poor links much better (eg links which send udp packets out of order)





ping calculation is now fixed.

gamestate is sent throttled to slaves to prevent network flooding on poor links

various demo playback crashes fixed (eg playing same demo repeatedly)

in some cases, slaves could get corrupted on map changes. fixed.

don't send etpro-specific messages to non-etpro clients (eg, should fix etpub)


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